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Updates from The Links!

The Use of Cart Paths

We at Community Partners Golf, LLC want to wish all of you in the community a very happy spring and hope that 2021 will be a good year in every way for us all.  We are pleased and proud to have reopened our community golf course, The Links at Brick Landing, and we now have a few months of experience with the new operation.  We have had a good response from golfers and others in the community who have invested in our venture, signed up for memberships, and/or booked tee times.  We of course want to continue to encourage you all to participate in one or more of these ways, so that we can continue to move forward for the best possible future of the golf course.

As we move further into the year and the better springtime weather (and daylight savings time), we would like to reemphasize our policies on using the cart paths on the course for walking, jogging or bicycling.  The course is not available for these uses during golfing hours.  It is much too dangerous for anyone to be on the course while golf is being played.  We do intend to continue our policy for investors and Golf Club members and their families to make use of the cart paths when not in use for golf. At the suggestion of the Brick Landing Master Association, we are now extending this policy to allow all members of the community to do the same. We intend to be supportive of the Brick Landing community, and to continue offering the golf course as a shared resource and community asset.

The policy allows this use of the paths during the following spring/summer hours:

  • In the mornings before 8:00am;
  • In the evenings from 6:00pm until dark. (We ask that you exercise good judgement and caution as some golfers may not have finished their rounds by 6:00pm.)

These hours will be subject to change when we go back to the fall/winter seasons.  We are in the process of updating our signs at the external entrances to the golf course---to emphasize that these policies and rules are for BL community members only.

 As regards to the use of private golf carts, we are going to experiment by allowing them for BL community members (on the cart paths only) during the same hours.  Other vehicles are strictly prohibited.  Please report any violations of this policy to the pro shop.

We also want to ask that all users of these policies respect the golf course property.  Please stay on the cart paths, and stay out of muddy areas or those areas of active course maintenance.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and you must clean up after your pets. And of course all uses of the golf course property are at the risk of the users.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about membership options or about our cart path use policies---please contact one of the Board members of CPG, or visit our pro shop in the clubhouse.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Community Partners Golf, CPG