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Selling Your Home

Security Process for Selling Your Property

If you are listing your house within the Brick Landing gated community, please follow this process to insure your home can be actively shown by realtor in the area.


Once you have committed to a Seller’s agent, please make the following change to your security account:


  1. Sign on to your account with your user id and password
  2. Click on Visitors
  3. Add your contracted seller’s agent as a visitor.  Include their    name, phone, and email.
  4. Save the visitor information


The process for viewings is between you and your agent. All scheduling of viewings is between you and your agent and is not related to Brick Landing Security.

Please send a note to bricklandingmail@atmc when you list and sell your home.  We will notify the guards for the selling process and can be prepared to add the new residents once the closing has occurred. 

The process for ACCESS by other realtors is that they approach the guard house, using the left-side Guard lane,  with their perspective buyers:

  1. Realtor presents his/her business card to the guard and the address they will be visiting
  2. Guards will print a guest pass for one day.
  3. Guards will keep all business cards presented and place into an envelope marked with the Brick Landing address.
  4. Once an offer is accepted and the house sale is closed, cards will be destroyed.