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Add/Replace Vehicle Stickers

Please fill out this form to request new or replacement vehicle stickers if your household already has an security account in the Brick Landing Gatehouse security tool.   

BL-Vehicle Sticker Request Form

You may use this form if you:

  • Purchase a new car and need a new window sticker for the car, with either a new license plate or a transfer of an  existing license plate 
  • Delete a car no longer in your household
  • Need to replace an existing tag on a vehicle already listed in your BL security profile
  • Have a new license number to update on an existing vehicle

Additional stickers, whether for replacement or a new vehicle are $20/credential.   Old stickers  will be deactivated.   Credentials can be now be purchased by credit or debit cards! -  The form will take you to a payments page. 

Once payment is complete it may take our all volunteer staff a few days to prepare the new credentials.  They are prepared a minimum of once a week. You will receive an email when the credential is ready to be picked up and the pickup place.  

If you have lost your white access card, please use this link to request a new card:

BL-Replacement Access Cards

If you are new to the neighborhood - you must create an initial account by filling out the form at this link:
BL Security - New Account

If you have any questions or need any help, send an email to:  [email protected]  
Thank you!