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New Residents - Start Here!

Welcome to Brick Landing!

There are two important steps you should take now that you are moving into Brick Landing.. registering for your Security credentials and registering for the neighborhood website. 

Security Credentials

Security is one of the most important amenities in Brick Landing and it's one that we take very seriously.  As a resident, you have the ability to say who is, or is not, authorized to come to your home.   You do this by accessing our GateHouse Resident Portal and adding your visitors into your household record.  No visitors will be allowed into the neighborhood if they are not in the tool.  They will be asked to pull over and call the homeowner.  The homeowner must then enter the visitor into the portal, no one should call the guard house to ask the guards to bypass the process.  

Your first step is to be sure the Admin/Security fee, $300 was included in your HUD closing statement.  Next, fill out a registration form.  You may fill out the form before you close on the property, but we will not provide the credentials to you until you are the legal owner of the home.  If you close on a lot, and start building at a later day, you may have your credentials as soon as you are the legal owner of the lot.  

Click on this link to access the form:  BL Security Registration Form

Make sure you go all the way to bottom of the form and hit SUBMIT,  the form will then be sent to our security admin team who will complete the registration.  It may take 1-2 days to complete the process.  You will be sent an email, from the email address:  [email protected]   telling you when your credentials are ready and how to access your account.  

Brick Landing Website

You've found the website, but in order to see all the content on the site, you must first REGISTER your household account.   Look up in the right hand corner of the home page and you will see the words, Login or Register.  Click on register and you will be able to fill out your household information.   You should register one account per household, but you may register several emails to the one household account.  Do not open a 2nd account for another occupant.   Once you submit, your account will go to our Admin team, who usually admit new users within 24 hours or less.  

It is very important to register for this site.  The website also acts as Brick Landing's email tool.  Important information from the Master Association is sent to homeowners using this system.   You will start to receive emails from the email address:  [email protected]    Add this email address to your Contacts so these emails do not go into your SPAM folder.

Registering for these two tools will ensure you have everything you need as a resident of Brick Landing.  

Now look for  additional pages that supply you with information on how to access your accounts and how to add visitors... 

If you have any questions, send an email to:  [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.   Thank you for your cooperation;  we are so glad you've chosen our great neighborhood as your next home -- you're going to like it here!!