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Replacement Access Cards

The white access cards are used to access the pool and can also be used to access the entrance gates. 

The cards look the same as the previous issued cards from the old system.  All current cards have a white sticker across the card that says "property of Brick Landing Master Association".  

There is currently only one access card per household.  Because these cards are easily 'mobile' the decision was made to limit the number of cards in the system.  Please share the cards within your household.  

If you have lost or misplaced a card, you may request a new card at this link:

BL-Replacement Access Cards

Once payment is complete it may take our all volunteer staff a few days to prepare the new credentials.  They are prepared a minimum of once a week. You will receive an email when the credential is ready to be picked up and the pickup place.

If you have cards from the previous system, just throw them away.  Be sure you are keeping the current card, with the sticker attached.  Current cards have a number in the bottom right corner that is in the 20000 range.  You can look in your household account, under 'Credentials',  to see the card number assigned to your household.  If you have a question on the current card,  send an email to:  [email protected]